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OMEGA ENGINEERING WORKS (OEW), is a professionally managed company established in 1964. Our manufacturing unit offer wide range of quality products easing the material handling and tool cutting industry.

Scope of the Manual
The quality management system as adopted, applies to all activities, which contribute to the quality of the products and services of M/s. OMEGA ENGINEERING WORKS.

The aim of OMEGA ENGINEERING WORKS is to manufacture, and supply quality goods to the customer to their entire satisfaction and also to offer after sales service, so that product supplied is given better and consistent performance for longer period of time. This is achieved by Q.A. check at every stage of production.

Production Process

Raw Materials Used:
Being a Manufacturing Unit we normally use all types of Alloy Steels, Cast Steel of Various Grades, Stainless Steel, and Ferrous/Non-ferrous Irons.
Some of the Alloy Grades are En-1A, En-3, En-9, En-19, En-24, En-31, En-32B, En-36, En-42 etc. that are tested prior to commencement of Production and sometime random checks are conducted at the stage of manufacture

Important Equipment Used:
We are manufacturing Unit and have provided various equipment’s to shop floor staff to get the quality product in turn. Instruments such as Verniers, Micrometers, Thread Gauges, Bore Gauges, Go-No-go Gauges, Jigs & Fixtures, Mandrels etc to obtain quality material from the staff.

Technology Used:
Being a manufacturing unit and to maintain the standard of quality product we try to keep ourselves updated with the latest technology. This helps us to compete in the market and enable us to give quality product to our customers and in return build better relation with our customers. It also helps to adhere to customer’s demand quickly.

Quality Policy
Quality means fitness for the intended purpose in all aspects of the company’s activities. The company will strive to meet of its customers through a continuous process of quality improvement. All employees are responsible for quality improvement. Education and training are vital to the quality improvement process.

Measurable annual objectives for quality improvement will be set.

Emphasis is on prevention rather than detection
The company will involve its suppliers in the process of quality improvement.

Responsibility and Authority
The organizational chart appearing illustrates the hierarchical authority of the persons who manage, perform and verify work-affecting quality.


Managing Partners
Formulates the quality policy
Initiates and supervises the quality system.
Provides necessary resources to maintain the system.
Design duties and responsibilities of heads of all sections.

Production and Production Control
Plans and executes production
Controls and monitors process
Defines workmanship standards
Maintains production equipment and machines
Supervises storage areas
Controls further processing until any conditions likely to cause nonconformities are rectified.

Quality Assurance; Quality Control
Prepare quality plan
Perform inspection and testing in accordance with the quality plans and documented procedures.
Handle nonconforming products.
Initiate request for, and follow up on, corrective actions.
Maintain and ensure inspection of measuring and test equipments.
Carry out quality assessments of subcontractors.

Select qualified subcontractors.
Prepares and approves purchase documents.

Provides after sales service.
Collects field performance data.


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